About Minolta®

Minolta has been known as a worldwide manufacturer of digital and film cameras, camera accessories, photocopiers, fax machines, laser printers, industrial radiometric instruments, planetarium projection equipment, some of the industry’s first 3D scanners, and other optical instruments and devices.

Minolta was founded in Osaka, Japan, in 1928. It is perhaps best known for making the first integrated autofocus 35mm SLR camera system. In 1931, the company adopted its current name, an acronym for “Mechanism, INstruments, Optics, and Lenses by TAshima.”  The brand stands for Precision Optics, Image Quality and Innovation.

Minolta pioneered the digital imaging industry with the launch of the first digital SLR system as early as 1995, the RD-175. Minolta introduced many other innovations that became standard in all brands. Standardized features that were first introduced on Minolta models included multi-sensor light metering coupled to multiple AF sensors, automatic flash balance system, wireless TTL flash control, TTL-controlled full-time flash sync, and speedy front and rear wheels for shutter and aperture control. Special features introduced by Minolta also included interactive LCD viewfinder display, setup memory, expansion program cards, eye-activated startup, and infrared frame counter.

Minolta is a registered trademark of JMM Lee Properties, LLC and is used in the United States by Elite Brands Inc. under license.

About Elite Brands Inc.

For over 30 years, Elite Brands Inc. has been known for its outstanding quality, performance and value. With seven main brands and several more sub-brands, EBI has become a premier manufacturer of consumer electronics. This worldwide reputation is founded on innovation and technology that result in the finest, most affordable products in the industry.

Since 1979, Elite Brands products have been synonymous with unparalleled quality and integrity.  We continue to deliver on our stellar reputation by providing superbly engineered and innovative products at prices that are affordable. Elite Brands markets its products in the United States and worldwide, under its own and many private label brand names.  All of its products are made in its own facilities under strict quality control standards and are pre-tested before shipment.  EBI's mission is to offer value, top-tier quality and competitively priced products with personalized service.

While EBI welcomes inquiries from distributors, retailers, exporters and other resellers, it generally does not sell directly to the consumer. Our website is designed to acquaint you with our company and products. We encourage you to check back with us periodically for new product developments and monthly specials.

For more information on Elite Brands Inc., please visit www.elitebrands.com