MN5Z 20MP 5X Optical Zoom Camera - Black

MN5Z 20MP 5X Optical Zoom Camera - Black


Make your memories look their best with this powerful point-and-shoot from Minolta. Capture 20MP stills that you can crop or enlarge without losing image quality. Record HD video for rich detail and vibrant color. There's even a 5X optical zoom for shooting from afar or capturing an intimate close-up. Best of all, when you look back on your memories, they'll look as good as the day you recorded them.


Capture 20MP still photos

  • Preserve the moment with stunning high-resolution photos suitable for cropping or enlarging

Record 720p HD video

  • Gives your video greater vividness and clarity than standard-definition video

5X optical zoom

  • Get up to 5 times closer to your subject
  • Capture close-up details or shoot from a distance

26 intelligent shooting modes

  • Covers a wide variety of shooting situations
  • Select the mode suitable to your shot environment and the camera adjusts settings automatically

Wide-angle lens

  • Capture everything from wide-angle landscapes and group shots to telephoto shots

2.7" LCD

  • Easily compose shots and review photos

SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot

  • Gives you greater control over the amount of memory your camera has available
  • Comes with an 8GB SDHC card


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