instapix™ MNCP10 Instant Print Digital Camera - Blue

instapix™ MNCP10 Instant Print Digital Camera - Blue


All-In-One Camera, Printer and Photo Studio

Break into a fun, new world with the instapix™ and experience all the classic features of an instant-print camera with all of the modern benefits. Digital upgrades like auto-focus, gamma correction and Bluetooth® allow you concentrate on the moment – and not on your expertise! Once your photo is captured, simply review your shot on the color LCD monitor or your smartphone, and decide whether to instantly print or shoot again.  Featuring patented 4PASS Printing Technology, this 10-megapixel camera allows you to point, shoot and print lifelike credit-card-sized photos in just 50 seconds.  Shots are printed in 16.7 million real colors with an extra added protective layer so memories last a lifetime. And the fun doesn’t stop there – using the built-in Bluetooth®, print any photo shot by your smartphone or send snaps back so you can edit and share on social media for all to like.

  • Utilizes 4PASS printing technology to print a real photo with real ink in real colors.

  • High quality, durable, smudge-proof and waterproof sealed 2.1” x 3.4” prints in 50 seconds.

  • 10 mega pixels resolution, auto-focus, auto-exposure, while balance and gamma control.

  • Bluetooth® connectivity for editing and printing photos stored on your iOS or Android device.

  • A 1.7” LCD viewfinder allows you to select photo style options, and see & print only the photos you like.

  • Download the Minolta instapix™ app for filters, stickers, templates, editing tools and sharing capabilities.

Image Preservation

The printing technology, also known as dye sublimation, produces superb photos and seals each print with a high gloss laminate coating. The prints are durable, long lasting and waterproof.  The final printout is smudge-proof and fingerprint-proof.  With other technologies, the prints are not waterproof and will curl or smudge as a result of moisture or humidity.


Photo Size

The 4PASS system for the instapix™ produces a color or black + white print at 2.1” x 3.4”, which is 30% larger than other instant print systems.  Photos are printed in less than a minute and are fully developed and dried instantly.

Flexibility – Also Print From Your Smartphone

The Minolta instapix™ system allows you to enjoy the convenience of instant printing with the technological advantages of digital photography.  Smart and flexible, it syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth® and provides digital upgrades like auto-focus and gamma correction. The smartphone app allows you to control your camera, remotely shoot from the camera and save photos to your smartphone, or send and print pictures that have already been stored in your smartphone’s photos library.



Because of the picture quality, a Minolta 4PASS photo can be enlarged to 4”x 6” or 6” x 10”.  With other technologies, photos cannot be enlarged because of low image quality or because the images are not retained after output from the camera.


Cost Per Photo

With this system, the cost per photo can be much lower because you can shoot and decide whether or not to print.  With other technologies, the photo is printed immediately upon capture with no option for review.

Download Links for Smartphone App

Apple iOS Requires iOS 9.0 or Later: Minolta Instapix on Apple iOS (iTunes)

Android Requires Android 8.0 or Later: Minolta Instapix on Android (Google Play Store)

About 4PASS Printing Technology

4PASS is a patented technology that uses dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) technology that is a heat transfer process to distribute the yellow, magenta and cyan color dyes onto photo paper in a single continuous tone.  It uses real film-type YMC ink coloring and a glossy laminating overcoat for the final pass.  The result is a high-quality photographic output with 256 levels per color (total 16.7 million colors).  Each color patch is directly adhered to the paper to reproduce the most similar color as the original photo was captured.  The 4PASS technology has a much wider color reproduction range by using full temperature control range (0~300C) of TPH (Thermal Printing Head).  This results in no fingerprints or smudging on the final print, and no cleaning of the print head is required.  It uses the world’s smallest all-in-one paper and ink cartridges.  With other technologies, colors are not as precise because of heated layers, bleeding and overlap.

Simulated printing process of instapix™. Entire printing process completes in under 50 seconds.

Simulated printing process of instapix™. Entire printing process completes in under 50 seconds.

instapix™ is available in 5 fun colors.

instapix™ is available in 5 fun colors.