IPC20 - 2 Pack of IPC10 Mini Cartridges for instapix™ Cameras

IPC20 - 2 Pack of IPC10 Mini Cartridges for instapix™ Cameras


An all-in-one single use cartridge for all your printing pleasure!  A necessary companion to the cutting edge Minolta instapix™ camera, the IPC10 cartridge brings you professional quality printing technology right in your pocket.  Innovative 4PASS D2T2 dye transfer diffuses color in stages, layering yellow, magenta, and cyan hues for an incredibly brilliant effect.  Perfect for printing color portraits, natural landscapes, cute moments and more, this fast, efficient cartridge is also noted for its easy design.  Simply pop the unit in, and watch your images come to life with precision of line, color, and texture. With an extra fade-proof laminate overcoat and humidity resistance, you’ll enjoy your mini prints for many years to come.

A convenient refill pack for Minolta instapix™ cameras, it includes two 10-sheet all-in-one cartridges for a total of 20 snaps. Using just 2 fingers, the maintenance free cartridge easily pulls out or inserts, eliminating the hassle or mess. Each cartridge is a combination of paper and color ink and incorporates the patented 4Pass D2T2 print technology for vibrant and long lasting photos.

High Quality Color

Combination ink & paper cartridge prints bold, vibrant prints in black & white or color; compatible with all Minolta instapix™ models.

Advanced D2T2 Technology

Innovative dye diffusion transfer method layers print colors evenly for incredible depth; superior gradation and eliminates blur & distortion.

Fade-proof Properties

Laminated 4th layer overcoat locks in color to preserve quality; humidity & fingerprint resistance keeps photo prints bright forever.

No Cleanup Necessary

Easy all-in-one cartridge ejects without the hassle or mess. Just use 2 fingers to pull the cartridge out of the slot, then insert a new cartridge to resume printing.

Image Preservation

The printing technology, also known as dye sublimation, produces superb photos and seals each print with a high gloss laminate coating. The prints are durable, long lasting and waterproof.  The final printout is smudge-proof and fingerprint-proof.  With other technologies, the prints are not waterproof and will curl or smudge as a result of moisture or humidity.


Photo Size

The 4PASS system produces a color or black + white print at 2.1 x 3.4”, which is 30% larger than other instant print systems.  Photos are printed in less than a minute and are fully developed and dried instantly.

About 4PASS Printing Technology

4PASS is a patented technology that uses dye diffusion thermal transfer (D2T2) technology that is a heat transfer process to distribute the yellow, magenta and cyan color dyes onto photo paper in a single continuous tone.  It uses real film-type YMC ink coloring and a glossy laminating overcoat for the final pass.  The result is a high-quality photographic output with 256 levels per color (total 16.7 million colors).  Each color patch is directly adhered to the paper to reproduce the most similar color as the original photo was captured.  The 4PASS technology has a much wider color reproduction range by using full temperature control range (0~300C) of TPH (Thermal Printing Head).  This results in no fingerprints or smudging on the final print, and no cleaning of the print head is required.  It uses the world’s smallest all-in-one paper and ink cartridges.  With other technologies, colors are not as precise because of heated layers, bleeding and overlap.


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